Manitoba Liquor Control Comm. selects Arctools

The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) selected ARCTOOLS to simplify the purging and archiving of their JD Edwards application data as part of their JD Edwards Upgrade. MLCC worked with Mid-Range, the exclusive partner for ARCTOOLS in Canada, to implement the product. Throughout the project, MLCC was supported both by the Mid-Range team and by ARCTOOLS.
“We needed a tool that would simplify maintenance and recovery and improve performance. We identified ARCTOOLS as being the solution that would meet our needs and the results were as expected.”

Jeff Franz-Lien
Manager of Infrastructure Services, MLCC

“Working in partnership with the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission, Mid-Range and ARCTOOLS went through an exhaustive requirements process to ensure that the ARCTOOLS solution would meet their needs both today and for the future,” stated Dino Marchioli, Vice-President, Application Sales & Client Services.

Marchioli goes on to add, “Manitoba Liquor Control Commission needed an intuitive tool that both business and technical staff could work with as the basis of their data archiving strategy and they found that in the ARCTOOLS solution.”

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