Work FASTER – Without a Hardware Upgrade

FASTER without an Upgrade


Your machine is slowing down. There are two ways to speed up processing — get a bigger machine or get rid of some data. Getting a bigger machine costs real money. Getting rid of some data is complicated due to the integrated nature of the files. At first, adding disk space provides an acceptable performance improvement at a reasonable cost. Eventually, however, the rising slope of the “data volume versus dollars required to process it” curve backs you into a corner — more hardware or less data. Pick one. Eventually, most shops will want to purge.

Getting rid of some data is complicated due to the integrated nature of the files.”

Dave Shea
President of DCSoftware, Inc

Accessing the old data

The first question I get asked is, “How do I get rid of the old data?” The second question I get asked is, “How do I get it back?”

Keep in mind — we’re not getting rid of the data. We are getting it out of the way. Also bear in mind that we’re getting it out of the way with integrity. Data that was supposed to stay together was archived together. The data that is now in the archive should support many of the report and inquiry functions within the software.


Data archiving sounds fairly straightforward when you first start thinking about it. As you proceed further down the road and recognize the realities of file relationships, data integrity and batches, you start realizing just how difficult a task purging really is. PeopleSoft has some purge functionality, but many customers have discovered that more is needed than what is provided in the standard software. Some customers have tried tackling this on their own, with varying levels of success or failure.

DCSoftware has spent years developing a purge and archive approach for PeopleSoft that utilizes ARCTOOLS/400 as the purge engine. The result is a product that provides the ability to purge and archive with integrity, without locking users out of the system, without adversely impacting other work on the system, and on a flexible time schedule.

In this Quest Q&A article, purge and archive expert David Shea from DCSoftware, Inc. (the creator of ARCTOOLS) discusses the options, pitfalls and realities of what at first sounds like a simple proposition.

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