Data is the lifeblood of any organization.  However, as data grows, information flows more slowly leading to reduced productivity.  Purging and archiving your data is the smarter solution.

ARCTOOLS® is a suite of purging and archiving tools for multiple hardware and database platforms.  These tools purge and archive data without programming while maximizing performance by using the native platform programming language.

We are the leading purge and archive tool for Oracle JD Edwards.  We have a proven solution which has, to date, helped more than 600 Oracle customers on six continents to quickly and efficiently purge and archive their data.

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Why Purge & Archive Your Data

Preserving historical data is important, but sooner or later available disk space or system performance becomes a subject of concern. A choice has to be made between increasing the disk space (and  likely adding server power) or removing the data from the production database.  While it is always possible to store an increasing amount of information, as more data is kept on the live system, more CPU is required for processing.  It is important to find the balance, otherwise storage space and your processor size have to be continually increased. Purging and archiving your data is the smarter solution.

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