Data Archive and Purge with ARCTOOLS®

As application data grows, ERP systems slow down.  End-user productivity is reduced and IT resources become stretched to the limit as regular tasks such as database back-ups and maintenance take longer to perform, costing your business time and money.

Purging and archiving your data makes sense.  It not only delivers tangible cost savings but the benefits can also be seen in terms of storage space and in better use of system & human resources.  It will make your path to upgrade easier.

ARCTOOLS® can deliver the solution you need.

Our ARCTOOLS® software solution is a single, scalable purging and archiving tool that can be used across applications, saving you time and money. It ensures optimal server performance by enabling companies to quickly and efficiently purge and archive excess data.

ARCTOOLS® is available for the following database platforms:

  • IBM i (aka iSeries, System i, AS/400)
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server

ARCTOOLS® supports the following ERP applications with pre-defined collections of archiving functionality:

  • Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One & JD Edwards World
  • BPCS/LX™
  • Oracle E-Business Suite

We refer to these pre-defined archiving packages as “modules”, i.e. the “JDE Module” and the “BPCS Module”.

But in addition to the ERP and distribution application package modules listed above, ARCTOOLS® can be used to create archive functionality for other tables in other applications.  We can tackle tables in packaged applications, custom tables that reside in those packages, or data that resides completely within an in-house developed application.

In any of these scenarios, you will benefit from the ease-of-use, the structured approach, and the comfort of performing the archive in the native language of the database, on the server (not through some ODBC or other client connection).

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Table Reorganization with ReorgWizard™ for IBM i

Last month your table had 100,000,000 rows.  Last week you used ARCTOOLS® to archive 60,000,000 of those rows.  You can often gain additional benefits in terms of disk space and system performance by reorganizing that table.  On the IBM i (aka AS/400) you could use the built-in utility to do this, but the RGZPFM command can lock the table for an extended (and unpredictable… and unstoppable) period of time.

ARCTOOLS® offers a companion product on the IBM i to reorganize tables without those extended locks.

Our ReorgWizard™ product is a powerful utility for the IBM AS/400.  ReorgWizard™ reorganizes tables any time, even while users are active during the work day, and without locking them out of the file for extended periods of time. You also have the ability to reorganize a file in subsets – so you can reorg part of a file today, some tomorrow and maybe the rest next week. Additional features include: the ability to stop a running reorg; a “throttle” feature to adjust a running reorg and control the level of system resource used, and; the ability to run reorgs either sequentially or “in reverse”.

At the end of the record move process, a brief exclusive lock is required on the file in order to free up the deleted record space.  But this lock tends to be measured in seconds or minutes, as opposed to hours or days with the traditional RGZPFM approach.

Data Migration / Replatform from IBMi to SQL Server using i2SQL™

You have retired the application(s) on your IBM AS/400 or eServer iSeries or IBMi .  Maybe you still have it running in case anyone needs to see the legacy data.  But it’s time.  Whatever you called that best machine ever made, you’re sad to see it go.  But you might want to still have access to the data, just in case.  With i2SQL™ from ARCTOOLS, you can migrate your data from the IBMi library system to SQL Server.

Even your DDS physical files and logical files.  Sure, PFs look like tables and LFs look like indexes and they walk like tables and indexes, and they quack like tables and indexes, but they’re not tables or indexes. i2SQL™ will turn your DDS physical files into SQL tables, and your DDS logical files into SQL indexes.  Your data will be available going forward on SQL Server.  You can cast off your AS400 from the dock and watch it sail off into the sunset, safe in the knowledge that you still have your data to look at.

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