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JDEARCHIVING.COM is the domain of a former reseller and implementer of the ARCTOOLS software named J2 Partners, LLC, in Parker, Colorado.  The reseller agreement and the license for J2 to use the ARCTOOLS trademark was terminated in 2019.

J2 Partners, LLC, appears to be no longer in business.  If you licensed the ARCTOOLS software from J2, we (DCSoftware, Inc., dba ARCTOOLS) will continue to support you.

Without permission, J2 redirected web traffic to the web site.  They did this despite not having had a web site before (only email).  J2, also without permission, changed the address on the registration for the domain to be DCSoftware’s business address.  DCSoftware does not own that domain and has no access to the domain registration, but for some reason it appears that J2 is attempting to make it look like we do.  There appears to be no way for us to prevent or intercept these redirections.

To be clear – ARCTOOLS.COM and it’s owners have no involvement with, nor ownership interest in, J2 Partners.  J2 Partners has no ownership interest in DCSoftware, Inc., nor the ARCTOOLS software, trademarks or intellectual property.

If you are seeking to contact J2 Partners for any reason, please reach out to Jim Chan, founder and owner of J2 Partners, LLC, in Parker, Colorado.  As of September, 2022, according to, J2’s contact information is 15635 Carob Circle, Parker, Colorado 80134 with a phone number of 330.810.2786 .   It is unclear if email to is working or not, but as of this writing emails are not being redirected to .  Mr. Chan’s last known email was .


ARCTOOLS® v8 Announced

ARCTOOLS v8 Main Menu

The latest version of ARCTOOLS®, version 8, provides several important benefits.

First, it extends the power of ARCTOOLS®/400 from the IBM i (aka AS400) platform to the Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.  Prior versions of ARCTOOLS® had separate code bases for IBM i, Oracle and SQL Server.  With this release, ARCTOOLS®/400 has been ported to run on a Windows platform, thus consolidating the user interface across the platforms.  ARCTOOLS®/400 was first released in 1996.  It has the largest install base within the ARCTOOLS® family and has been used successfully at hundreds of customers sites on six continents.  This new version brings customers on the other platforms together.

Second, the configuration of the ARCTOOLS® “modules” (for example, the JDE Module) will be the same across the three platforms.  The tool includes the plumbing that will then perform the archive and purge processes on the server platform of choice – SQL Server, Oracle and IBM i.

Third, as with ARCTOOLS®/400, the archive jobs will be performed in a native language for the platform, on the server, “right up next to the data”, to get the most efficient throughput possible.  And with the “throttle” features built into ARCTOOLS®, the throughput for the process can be throttled back in case index maintenance or mirror / HA lag is an issue.  ARCTOOLS® will allow archive processes to be stopped and restarted, so customers avoid planned outages or high priority time frames (such as month end).


New ARCTOOLS version for JD Edwards on Oracle & SQL Server

August 2, 2016

ARCTOOLS®, the leading data management tool for optimizing Oracle® JD Edwards ERP data, delivers a new release which makes it even easier for customers to improve ERP performance, lower database management costs and reduce business data compliance risks. Read more


ARCTOOLS®/400 Validated Integration with JD Edwards World A9.4

November 6, 2015

An out-of-the-box solution for managing archiving requirements while respecting data integrity in a production environment.

ARCTOOLS® New Release for Oracle & SQL Server

March 17, 2015

ARCTOOLS® the leading tool for optimizing Oracle® JD Edwards ERP data, delivers a new release which makes it even easier for customers to improve ERP performance, lower database management costs, reduce business and compliance risks and achieve faster and safer ERP upgrades.

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