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ARCTOOLS® is a suite of purging and archiving tools for multiple hardware and database platforms.  These tools purge and archive data without programming while maximizing performance by using the native platform programming language.  Since we are working with millions (or even billions) of rows being archived, the tools include important features to control the resources used by the archiving task.  Archive processes can be scheduled around “obstacles” such as system down time or high priority activities (such as month end close).

We are the leading purge and archive tool for Oracle JD Edwards.  We have a proven solution which has, to date, helped more than 600 Oracle JD Edwards customers on six continents to quickly and efficiently purge and archive their data.

Why Purge & Archive Your Data

Preserving historical data is important, but sooner or later available disk space or system performance becomes a subject of concern. A choice has to be made between increasing disk space (and likely server memory and CPU) or removing the data from the production database.  While it is always possible to store an increasing amount of information, as more data is kept on the live system, more memory and processor power are required.  It is important to find the balance, otherwise storage space and your processor size have to be continually increased. Purging and archiving your data is the smarter solution.

Benefits of Purging & Archiving Before You Upgrade

  • Improved Performance – With only relevant data held in your production database, user response times are faster.
  • Cost Reduction – Archived data can be stored on lower-cost platforms, saving you money.
  • Faster & Safer Upgrades – With less data to convert, your upgrade can be implemented faster.
  • Data Security – Keeping inactive, sensitive data in the production environment leads to an increased risk of exposure.
  • Legal Liability – keeping historical data longer than required by law or regulation is a risk.  If that data is subpoenaed, you must provide it, and reviewing that data costs money.
  • Quicker Backups – Archived data is outside the production database, so produciton backups run faster, saving you time.  Archived data only needs to be backed up after another archiving cycle.
  • Faster Disaster Recovery – The more of data in the production database, the longer it will take to restore in disaster recovery.  The slimmed down production environment can be restored sooner, and the archive environment can be restored later.

Which are you interested in?

Our products include software to implement archive and purge on your server (IBM i, Oracle, SQL Server), and pre-defined collections of archive scripts and strategies for various applications on those servers (Oracle’s JD Edwards, Oracle’s E-Business Suite, Infor BPCS, JDA and others).  These products allow you to create archiving functionality quickly and easily, without locking tables, and without adversely affecting server performance (even when run during the day).

Our services include implementation, analysis, environment reviews and other services related to data management.

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