Our implementation process helps you realize the benefits of ARCTOOLS® for your business as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.  Because ARCTOOLS® is easy to use, intuitive and very clearly documented, we are confident that you will be able to autonomously purge and archive after just a few days of training.  However, should you require any extra advice or technical expertise the ARCTOOLS® team is happy to help.

Some of the services the ARCTOOLS® team can help with are:

  • JD Edwards Upgrades / Re-platforming for Enterprise One and World – converting application data is critical to the success of a JD Edwards upgrade or re-platforming project. It is also one of the most time intensive parts of a JD Edwards upgrade.  Many customers worry about how long the data conversion will take.  Oracle recommends including a data purging and archiving step in any upgrade project.  This is where we can help.  We have hundreds of JD Edwards customers, so if you encounter bumps in the road, we are likely to have seen it before.
  • Application Retirement – If you are preparing to ‘retire’ a large database application (and likely to get rid of it’s aging hardware), you may not want to drag all 20 years of data into “retirement”.  We can help you clean up that database before sending that data off into the sunset.
  • Proof of Concept – We offer you the opportunity to try ARCTOOLS® on your own server, using your own test data, before you commit to a final purchase decision. This “proof of concept” service involves running ARCTOOLS® with a select subset of the JD Edwards module in a test/archive environment.  One benefit of the Proof of Concept service is showing how quickly and easily ARCTOOLS® can be implemented.  It also provides benchmark information (throughputs, server impact), speeds up internal sign-off and facilitates user buy-in while providing hands-on training to the internal team. Perhaps most importantly, it shows reluctant users that the twenty year old purchase order isn’t “gone”… it’s in “right over there” in the archive.  That twenty year old PO will be visible in the archive environment.
  • Implementation Assistance – as part of our proposal process, we will gather information to allow us to present you with a high-level project plan and resource estimate. We typically propose our most popular implementation approach – we train you and hand over the keys early on.  We want to make you autonomous as soon as possible. But we also want you to be successful.  Should you need us to provide implementation services, we are here are to help at whatever level you deem necessary!  Our Implementation Service Team will help by providing you with expert assistance to help with your purge and archiving project.  To view a list of our implementation partners, click here.


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