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ARCTOOLS is a proven solution. It has enabled over 450 clients on six continents to improve productivity and reduce costs. Our clients range from large multinationals to local SMBs and work in many different industries.

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Other Happy Customers

McKesson, a pharmaceutical distributor and provider of systems for medical supply management, clinical workflow, practice management, pharmacy automation and care management, recently implemented ARCTOOLS to purge and archive their JD Edwards data. Due to the nature of McKesson’s business, some changes to the standard analysis were required in order to support some unique requirements. The architecture of ARCTOOLS lends itself to be tweaked to support such unique situations. Peter Steel, Analyst at McKesson, provided the following feedback:

“I have valued the support that ARCTOOLS has provided. We have customized our implementation of the financial purges which required significant time from Dave Shea – many thanks for that! I have discussed the ARCTOOLS implementation with other potential clients and expressed my recommendation for ARCTOOLS with them. I look forward to more years using ARCTOOLS. Your software has been good for us and I value your support.”

Peter Steel
Analyst at McKesson

“We chose ARCTOOLS because it is a proven, easy to implement and support solution. By using ARCTOOLS to optimize ERP data in the production environment, we will be able to improve the performance of the application, reduce time spent by IT on database administration, backups, and refreshes to test environments; resulting in us having more time to available for value-add IT innovation.”

Dave Lathan
Vice President of Information Technology for Elizabeth Arden
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“Choosing ARCTOOLS was the smart decision. Thanks to ARCTOOLS we were able to reduce our database by fifty percent and convert our data prior to upgrading in just one day. ARCTOOLS not only helped us deliver a safer and more efficient upgrade, it also helps us to keep our database at an optimal size, ensuring that ERP performance is maintained and database tuning and backups are completed quickly and easily. Preserving data integrity was obviously a major concern for us. ARCTOOLS is a powerful and easy to use tool but perhaps most importantly, it is a proven solution. Knowing that our data was safe and that so many other Oracle JD Edwards clients had already tested the tool made project sign-off and business user buy-in much easier.”

Paul Hoogenbosch
Business Analyst at United Biscuits
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“We were impressed with ARCTOOLS and received glowing recommendations from your references. The choice came down to the comfort level of an existing Payroll/HR purge rather than the creation of one. Our group appreciates your input in our process and your excellent information. ….. We were also impressed with your customer base, maturity of the product and extensive knowledge of JDE.”

Tony Cholewinski
MIS Allegheny County Controller’s Office

“First, it was fast. With ARCTOOLS, we knew that the purging and archiving process would be quick and efficient. Secondly, something we really liked about ARCTOOLS was the fact that it did not slow down our IT systems. This meant that we were able to run purge and archiving jobs without impacting the performance of our production database and without disrupting our end users. Finally, it seemed like these guys were a safe pair of hands.”

Barry Carden
CIO, Mayer Electric
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“After we dropped/reloaded and re-indexed the tables, we saw a 54% increase in performance on some of the sales transactions. Overall Benchmarks for Europe came back similar to North America, over 45% performance improvement….An interesting example concerns one of the day jobs that runs every half hour and used to take 25 minutes, now it takes 15 minutes. So, we have gained substantial additional time to run other jobs daily.”

Ryan Dumas
IT Project Manager, Westcon Group

“We used ARCTOOLS to purge JD Edwards historic data on our Oracle /Unix platform. We successfully purged 45% of our business data while adhering to the integrity rules inherent in JD Edwards, our business managers’ expectations and French compliance regulations. The product worked first time and was fast, efficient and secure.”

Roger Beesley
CIO, Materis

“We like the flexibility which ARCTOOLS provides in allowing us to easily create our own archive and purge functions for the custom tables and applications which we have built within JD Edwards”

Brian A. Bartkowiak
Vice President, Information Technology Worldwide, George P. Johnson

“What really made ARCTOOLS stand out from other solutions was the fact that with ARCTOOLS we knew we would see immediate results….We needed a solution which would deliver results quickly and not demand too much from our internal team. ARCTOOLS delivered on both counts”

Xavier Laurent
Manager IT Infrastructure & Architecture, La Guilde des Lunetiers