zzzDownload – ARCTOOLS and ReorgWizard Patch

Click on the button below to download the zip file containing the critical update for ARCTOOLS and REorgWizard. This update applies to ARCTOOLS/400 v7.2.3 and ReorgWizard v4.1.1.  If you are licensed to only one of these products, don’t worry – the software will restore a couple program objects that you don’t use, but that will be harmless.

This is a critical update for all versions up to and including ARCTOOLS v7.2.3 and ReorgWizard v4.1.1 . If you are on versions prior to these, please contact us for the latest complete versions..

The zip file is password protected. The email or correspondence that led you here will have included the password for the zip file. If you don’t have the zip password, please contact ARCTOOLS at 508.435.8243, option 2.