zzzArchive Oracle or MS SQL Server Data

Microsoft SQL Server

ARCTOOLS for Oracle and SQL Server, developed by DCSoftware, provides easy to use purge and archive functionality for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. The engine creates custom SQL at run time, thus ensuring optimal performance on your server. It can be configured for all SQL Server based applications, creating a central application for general archiving activity. The solution does not require extra hardware or external software licenses.

How it works

ARCTOOLS is a rule-based / parameter-driven purging and archiving solution. All functional modules are stored in database tables, which are interpreted and transformed into dynamic SQL statements. There are two primary technical components:

The analysis component

The first job is to choose the right documents to be archived.  The ARCTOOLS Module for JD Edwards consists of a collection of SQL scripts that perform these analyses in a methodical and efficient manner.  Since the scripts are written in native SQL, they run efficiently and quickly, and are simple to tweak.

The execution component

The second job is to move millions, or tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of rows from production database tables with dozens of indexes, to the same tables in the archive database, possibly also with dozens of indexes.  This is a HUGE undertaking, and if your server is already stressed may push the server right over the edge.  ARCTOOLS executes the archive process on the server, using the native language of the server.  It is executed in a safe, controllable manner, allowing DBAs to rest easy even though such huge data volumes are being moved.


ARCTOOLS has a built in understanding of the rules and relationships which underlie the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne database, ensuring that data is purged in a reliable and accurate manner without compromising the database.

  • The option of proof/test mode enables the user to validate results before performing the actual purge.
  • Total control over each step in the archive/purge cycle is ensured, and the ability to ‘reverse purge’ is available if needed.
  • The activation/deactivation of rules, the inclusion of custom tables and even the creation of new purge modules is easily managed.
  • ARCTOOLS jobs can be scheduled, to avoid obstacles such as server down time or heavy work loads
 IBM iSeries