The Importance of Archiving Before an Upgrade or the Cloud (11:15am US Central Time)

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Date(s) - Thu. May 11, 2023, 11:15 am
11:15 am - 12:15 pm


Attention JD Edwards users!

Are you attending Blueprint 4D 2023 in Dallas this year? If so, please join us for an informative session on archiving your JDE data.

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Upgrades are a lot of work.

For some, new features make the upgrade exciting. For others, it’s just more work. Poor performance in CRP will discourage users from the start. Re-platforming or moving to the cloud is also a lot of work… likely significantly more than an in-place upgrade. And it could end up being more expensive than you expect.

Archiving before or as part of an upgrade changes the experience for EVERYONE. There are many benefits, ranging from faster testing to quicker conversions. But the most important may be the vast improvement in user enthusiasm for the upgrade. Archiving a CRP environment will provide a significant performance boost that will help get ALL users excited about the upgrade, not just those with new features. Archiving production prior to the upgrade will shorten the time to perform the upgrade, and improve performance after the upgrade. Archiving before moving to the cloud has all the same benefits described above, but can also result in significant savings in your cloud costs.

Space usage is a significant chunk of your bill. Save a terabyte in production and you can save that same terabyte multiple times – PD, PY, QA, CRP, training and sandbox environments… Your 1TB just became 6TB. And less data requires less horsepower (processors) and memory to process. So you can get better performance from a lower-spec server.

ARCTOOLS has helped hundreds of customers archive JDE data. This session will focus on several customers that purged and archived before or during their upgrade or move to the cloud. Particular focus will be on a customer that made the decision to archive in the middle of their upgrade. With only weeks until go-live, the archive was done in parallel with CRP. User enthusiasm rose significantly and the archive was a success.

David Shea has been working in ERP for over 30 years, including more than 20 years workling with JD Edwards customers. He founded ARCTOOLS in 1996 to help customers achieve their data management goals, improve performance, and save money.

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