J2Partners is NOT ARCTOOLS

Are you Looking for JDEARCHIVING.COM or J2 Partners, LLC?

If you are an ARCTOOLS customer looking for information or support, you are in the right place.  Please go back to the main page, or go to our Contact Us page.  We look forward to helping you.

JDEARCHIVING.COM was the domain of a former reseller and implementer of the ARCTOOLS software named J2 Partners, LLC, in Parker, Colorado.  The reseller agreement, including the license for J2 to use the ARCTOOLS trademark granted by DCSoftware to J2 Partners was terminated by DCSoftware in 2019.

J2 Partners, LLC, appears to be no longer in business.  If you licensed the ARCTOOLS software from J2, we (DCSoftware, Inc., dba ARCTOOLS) will continue to support you.

Without our permission or our knowledge, J2 Partners redirected web traffic from jdearchiving.com to the main page of the arctools.com web site.  They did this despite not having had a web site before (only email).  J2, also without our permission or our knowledge, changed the mailing address on the registration for the domain jdearchiving.com to be DCSoftware’s business address.  DCSoftware did not own that domain and had no access to the domain registration, but for some reason it appeared that J2 was attempting to make it look like we did. One theory is that they were trying to misdirect people that were looking for them.  There appeared to be no way for us to prevent or intercept these redirections. Some time later, J2 Partners let the domain registration lapse, and we were successful in acquiring it. So now we are directing traffic to this page so that our customers can understand a little of what’s going on.

To be clear – ARCTOOLS.COM and it’s owners have no involvement with, nor ownership interest in, J2 Partners. J2 Partners has no ownership interest in DCSoftware, Inc., nor the ARCTOOLS software, trademarks or intellectual property.

If you are seeking to contact J2 Partners for any reason, please reach out to Jim Chan, founder and owner of J2 Partners, LLC, in Parker, Colorado. As of September, 2022, according to Buzzfile.com, the contact information for J2 Partners, LLC is 15635 Carob Circle, Parker, Colorado 80134 with a phone number of 330.810.2786 .