Privacy Policy

We value your business and respect your privacy. At no time will we share, sell, rent or make available in any other way any information you have provided to us or we have collected by tracking your usage of our website.

How we collect Information

We keep track of the pages visited by each user and the order in which the pages were visited. If you have registered with us, we track that information on a named user basis. We do not track your IP address. We use this information to better understand our clients needs and improve our site, by making it more responsive to the needs and preferences of our users. We use cookies to track information specific to individual registered users and use this information to customize site presentation for that user and personalize communications with that user.

How we use your Information

You can opt to register with us by providing your name and email address. You can also provide additional information about yourself or your company. We use that information to provide you with information we feel may be of value. You can at any time opt out of receiving such information. We will not, at any time, share any of this information with any third party.

Use of Cookie Technology

When you register with us your browser must be set to accept cookies. A cookie is a text record placed on our hard drive that tells us who you are so the site can remember information you have told us before or activities you have carried out on our site. The cookies can only contain data you told us about yourself. They cannot examine your computer or read data from it. If you are worried about information we place in the cookie, you may delete the file(s) at the end of each browser session. Your browser’s help file will have instructions on how to do that. If you are interested in learning more about how cookies work you could visit

External Sites

Sometimes we will provide links to external web sites outside of We rarely control the quality of those external web sites and provide these links only as a convenience. By providing links to those sites we do not imply that we endorse their usage nor have any control over their policies on privacy or security. We would encourage you to check the privacy statements on those sites.

Contact Us

If you have additional questions about this privacy policy or how we collect and use your personal data, please contact us at: