zzzBPCS/LX Data Archiving Software

Now you can purge and archive your data without locking out users, on your schedule, and without adversely affecting system performance.

The ARCTOOLS Module for BPCS/LX ™ provides purge and archive functionality that won’t lock your files and will support integrity across functional areas.

Because the purge uses ARCTOOLS as the purge engine, changes to your purges can be made quickly and easily, yet still utilize the power of the proprietary RPG code generator included with ARCTOOLS.

Contact us to get more information about how you can get started purging in your BPCS/LX ™ environment.

ARCTOOLS for  BPCS/LX ™ features

  • Purge and archive without programming and without locking files.
  • Create and modify purge tasks as easily as writing a Query.
  • Installs quickly, easily customized.
  • Fine-tune purge criteria, add custom files without programming.
  • Runs purges in manageable increments.
  • No more long weekends wasted. Start, stop and restart purge and archive tasks as needed.
  • Exclusive ‘throttle’ function prevents adverse impact on other system activity.
  • Run purges any time without slowing down other jobs.
  • Experienced BPCS/LX ™ consulting support.
The BPCS™ add-on module for the ARCTOOLS™ suite of products is a great part of the product line. In my experience implementing an archive/purge project at a large manufacturing company it gave me a great place to start, especially when it came to the processes in archiving and purging the BPCS™ A/P data files. The BPCS™ A/P files would have been very difficult to archive/purge without it. The queries and “driver” files that come with the add-on module help an experienced user or IT professional understand how the combination of the BPCS™ and the ARCTOOLS™ suite of products will make their archive/purge projects easier and more successful to implement. I would recommend this add-on to BPCS/ERPlx™ companies.”

Dan Sweeney
Senior Technical Consultant, PHOENIX Business Consulting

I used ARCTOOLS to do a purge over 7 files where several of the files were purged based on data purged from another file. ARCTOOLS worked great. In the past this would have required specs, programming and testing. I ran the process on the test system, reviewed the results, and then updated live. No problems whatsoever. It worked great and what a time saver.”

Jackie Watt
IT Development Supervisor, Patheon, Inc. (BPCS user)


The ARCTOOLS family of products includes complete purge methodologies for various ERP packages including:

JD Edwards