Our implementation process helps you deliver the benefits of ARCTOOLS to your business as quickly as possible. Because ARCTOOLS is easy to use, intuitive, and very clearly documented, we are confident that you will be able to autonomously purge and archive after just a few days of training. However, should you require any extra advice or technical expertise the ARCTOOLS team is happy to provide it.

A Customized Service

Most customers run ARCTOOLS straight out of the box.  But – after hundreds of JDE customers you can imagine the “non-standard” scenarios we have seen.  ARCTOOLS has the flexibility to support custom scenarios.  We can help review your implementation of JD Edwards to identify whether or not some custom tweaks will be required.  We have years of field experience on all platforms, databases and releases of JDE and there is just about nothing related to purging and archiving in JD Edwards that we haven’t already seen.

Our consultants have a deep mix of JDE technical and functional expertise as well as the project management skills to lead you through a purge and archive project including:

  • Application Retirement
  • Cloud Archive Service
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Testing, verification and production prep
  • Production purge/archive
  • Consulting


 Related JD Edwards consulting

ARCTOOLS has several JDE consulting partners that are ready to assist you with more than just your purge and archive needs.  Visit our Implementation Services page for referrals to top-notch JDE consulting assistance.

Tailor Made

We are happy to tailor make an implementation plan for you.
Options include:

  • A simple training plan for your in-house team so you can quickly become fully autonomous quickly.
  • If your internal resources are tied up on other projects, ARCTOOLS consultants can take full ownership of the project, running the entire project from beginning to end.
  • On-site or remote implementation consulting- the vast majority of our implementation work is done remotely.  This is very efficient for both of us – we don’t need to commandeer your conference room and your entire calendar for weeks at a time.  We can collaborate when needed… we can run jobs… In short, we can be very flexible in terms of time – both yours and ours.