zzzApplication Retirement

Retire redundant or obsolete business data and achieve instant ROI

Retiring legacy applications creates instant cost savings by eliminating licensing and
maintenance fees, and enabling IT to shut down unnecessary hardware.

The ARCTOOLS Application Retirement Service offers a best-practice approach to
solution decommissioning. Legacy data is stored in a low cost, secure environment and
is easily available for reporting requirements when needed.

ARCTOOLS helps you to reduce the costs of maintaining legacy applications and enables you to do more with fewer Infrastructures.

As an extension of our Structured Archiving Solution we can help customers identify
redundant applications and prime them for retirement to the ARCTOOLS Cloud


  • Eliminates out of date, unsupported Hardware and Software
  • Lean approach to addressing Data Retention and Legal Requirements
  • Customer Focused solution with Customized Reporting Options
  • Secure and Compliant
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Quick ROI


With ARCTOOLS APLR achieve instant ROI, maintain access to legacy data, and meet compliance objectives

These applications are effectively “retired”, during an initial “onboarding” process, to
a more cost effective Cloud Infrastructure and the data is then made available to key
users via the APLR Reporting interface which can be adapted to specific custom