zzzImplementation Services

ARCTOOLS has over 400 JD Edwards customers on six continents.  Our consultants have extensive experience with successfully purging and archving JDE data with integrity.

As part of our proposal process, we will gather information to allow us to present you with a high-level project plan and resource estimate.  We typically propose our most popular implementation approach – we train you and hand over the keys early on.  We want to make you autonomous as soon as possible.  Our goal is not to make you need to call us every time you need to do some purging…

On the other hand, some of our customers are so “over-committed” with other projects that they would like us to “just get it done”.  We can do that, too, or anything along the spectrum between these two approaches.

When you are ready to run your production purge, we’ll be available to help. You’ll know how to reach us should you need to, but we won’t be “running the meter” unless we’re working on your project.

Purge and archive is something that many JD Edwards customers need. ARCTOOLS has developed many relationships around the world with JD Edwards consulting companies.

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