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Safer & Faster JD Edwards Upgrades

Converting application data is critical to the success of an upgrade project. It is also one of the most time-sensitive parts of a JDE upgrade and many customers worry about how long JDE data conversion will take.

Because of this, Oracle strongly recommends including an application data purging and archiving step in any upgrade project plan. The benefits include:

  • Less system down-time during the upgrade process
  • Less strain on IT resources because there is less data to convert
  • Easier testing
  • Less data integrity issues

Adding a data purge and archive step to an upgrade plan can help you to deliver a safer and faster ERP upgrade. What is more, by reducing data load and putting in place a regular schedule of application data cleansing, you will ensure that ERP performance will be maintained in the future.

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JDE Upgrade Customer Case Studies

By using ARCTOOLS to reduce data load, either prior to a JD Edwards upgrade or by incorporating a purge and archive step into the upgrade planning our clients have significantly reduced JDE data conversion time.

  • United Biscuits the EnterpriseOne 9.0 upgrade project

    ARCTOOLS reduced Oracle JD Edwards application data by over fifty per cent, from five hundred and sixty gigabytes to two hundred and thirty gigabytes. Tens of millions of records were purged and archived and considerable savings were made in terms of data conversion. Prior to the upgrade, it was estimated that data conversion would take up to three days, after the ARCTOOLS project, data conversion was successfully completed in just one day.
     Read the full United Biscuits EnterpriseOne 9.0 upgrade case study

  • Mayer Electric upgrading from XE to 8.12

    Initial estimates indicated that the process of converting XE data to 8.12 would take over two and a half weeks. Needless to say, this was never going to be an option for us. We started looking at ways to cut the data conversion time to a minimum and reducing the amount of data to be converted seemed like a really efficient way of speeding up the process. In the end, we managed to convert all our data in just thirty-six hours, and I can honestly say that the ARCTOOLS solution played a key role in helping us achieve our goal.
     Read the full Mayer Electric Oracle JD Edwards Upgrade Case Study

JD Edwards ERP Upgrade Resources


uk-ougThe UKOUG and Quest Upgrade Guidebook will help you extend and enhance your investment in JD Edwards applications by making your upgrade deliver on that investment. If you use or support JDE ERP applications, you are likely very familiar with the host of complementary solutions that exist to address the requirements of your JDE environment, your industry and your business in particular.

As a member of the JDE AllianceARCTOOLS and several of the partners represented in this guide have the tools and the knowledge to help you mitigate risk and “navigate the choppy waters” that can occur with any upgrade. ARCTOOLS is happy to give you access to this free guide.

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