zzzProof of Concept

We offer you the opportunity to try ARCTOOLS on your own server,  using your own test data, before you commit to a final purchase decision.  This enables you to see for yourself the power of the product and the benefits it can deliver to your business.

A typical ‘Proof of Concept’ involves running ARCTOOLS with a select subset of the JD EDWARDS module in a test / archive environment.

Steps Include

  • Scope: An ARCTOOLS expert works with you to clarify and confirm the scope of the proof of concept – reviewing our standard approach and identifying any extra tasks that make sense for your system.
  • Installation: For IBM i servers, the installation is quickly accomplished by restoring two libraries on your system.  Your personnel or ours can perform this task. 
    For Oracle and SQL Server, the ARCTOOLS team will work with your technical team to install the software, or we can install the software remotely via a VPN or remote desktop connection.
  • Training: Using web conference facilities the ARCTOOLS team walks you through the steps required to purge and archive for a module.
  • Purging & Archiving: One module of JD Edwards (for example, Accounts Payable) is typically run in an “archive-only” mode, where the data is copied out to the archive but not deleted.  If desired, these can be run in purge-and-archive mode.
  • Review and Analysis: We will review with your team the results of the analysis and archive (or purge and archive) jobs.


Advantages of Proof of Concept

  • Shows how quickly and easily ARCTOOLS can be implemented.
  • Provides benchmark information – record counts, throughput, etc
  • Speeds up internal sign-off.
  • Facilitates end-user buy in.
  • Provides hands on training to the internal team.


There are no special hardware requirements for ARCTOOLS so the proof of concept can happen at very short notice with no extra cost.

Why don’t you contact us today to arrange a proof of concept?