ARCOR Uses ARCTOOLS to purge JD Edwards and Demantra

Success Story – Purging JD Edwards and Demantra

Arcor_textlogo The search for a solution to proactively manage ERP data started in 2010 as part of the larger IT infrastructure review. The team recognized that the standard JD Edwards purge and archive tools were not sufficient to meet their needs and that building an in-house solution would displace resources from core tasks. ARCTOOLS was chosen as it came highly recommended and had proven its worth to more than 450 Oracle JD Edwards clients worldwide. The project focused on critical processes, Predictive Trade Planning and Demand Management and delivered immediate productivity improvements including better ERP performance and fewer issues with database timeouts in the production environment.

From JD Edwards to Demantra

Such was the success of the JD Edwards data purging and archiving project that the team began to see that ARCTOOLS could also help them address data management issues in other applications. Next on the data optimization list was Demantra, Oracle’s
demand management, sales and operations planning tool. Due to the large volume of data which was growing at a very fast rate, system performance was becoming an issue.

Thanks to ARCTOOLS’ open architecture and module adaptability, the same team was able to quickly and easily configure ARCTOOLS to optimize the Demantra database. This was easily handled by creating an additional environment on the existing
ARCTOOLS instance.

The following Demantra modules were in scope for this data management requirement:

Demand Management & Annual Operation Planning:

  • Sales
  • Forecast
  • Year end estimated
  • Sales planning

Predictive Trade Planning:

  • Promotions

Discount & Price Management:

  • Discounts
  • Price lists
  • Bonuses

The initial set of modules was configured in a matter of days and once validated went live in a controlled, scheduled manner similar to the JD Edwards modules.  Nearly 700 million transactions were archived.

Purging and Archiving Going Forward

Purging and archiving at ARCOR has now been fully automated, saving time and money and freeing up the IT team to focus on higher value added tasks. Because of the value delivered by the JD Edwards and Demantra projects, optimizing data is now being extended to other ARCOR applications, making ARCTOOLS a template solution for all data management archiving requirements.

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