Speed Up JDE Upgrade with Mayer Electric

Mayer Electric SupplyThis case study interview can shed some light on your worries; Barry Carden, VP & CIO, Mayer Electric www.mayerelectric.com talks about his upgrade experience and how ARCTOOLS purging and archiving software reduced Mayer Electric’s database by 20 percent in just 28 hours.

Want to Upgrade but Worried about Converting your Data?

From our first card-based computer system introduced in 1967, strategic use of technology has always been part of the culture at Mayer. Technology is one of our key competitive weapons and allows us to continuously deliver the outstanding customer service for which we are known.

And so our JD Edwards journey began in 1999, when we replaced our legacy system with JD Edwards OneWorld 7.33, subse- quently upgrading to XE in November 2001, and to EnterpriseOne 8.12 in June 2008.

Our 1,000 JD Edwards users employ the finance and distribution modules to lower transaction costs and to ensure that we can deliver any one of our 40,000 inventory items over night to customers at our 60 plus branches in Alabama, Florida, Geor- gia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Why they choose ARCTOOLS

First, it was fast. With ARCTOOLS, we knew that the purging and archiving process would be quick and efficient.

Second, something we really liked about ARCTOOLS was the fact that it did not slow down our IT systems. This meant that we were able to run purge and archiving jobs without impacting the performance of our production database and without dis- rupting our end users.

Finally, it seemed like these guys were “a safe pair of hands”. Over the past number of years we had heard of ARCTOOLS through Quest and from going to COLLABORATE. We also knew that the software had been developed in collaboration with JD Edwards and that it had been successfully implemented by over two hundred and twenty JD Edwards clients worldwide.

Purging and archiving often gets pushed down the to-do list. This is a mistake! Remember, keeping your data at optimal levels saves the company money. By reducing your data load, you save money on hardware, your system will perform better and your IT team will spend less time backing-up and maintaining the database and more time on higher value added tasks.

Barry Carden
VP & CIO, Mayer Electric

Quest Q&A magazine interview with Barry CardenRead the full interview with Barry Carden, CIO of Mayer Electric, on how ARCTOOLS helped them speed up data conversion prior to upgrading to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.12 in Quest Q&A, the magazine of Quest International Group.
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