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Westcon GroupWestcon Group is the world’s leading specialty distributor of advanced network technology solutions. Founded in 1985, Westcon Group has particular expertise in the convergence of voice, data and video applications and technologies, including VoIP, network security and wireless and mobility-based connectivity. Westcon Group is a significant sales channel for Cisco, Nortel Networks, Avaya and close to 100 other industry-leading vendors.

A Rapidly Growing Business

Westcon Group went into production on JD Edwards in 2000 using different environments for each of its subsidiaries. In 2004, in order to introduce global policies/procedures, these environments were consolidated by region into the Americas, EMEA, and AsiaPac. Since the “go live” in 2000, Westcon Group has continued to grow, acquiring four companies in 2007 alone. This rapid expansion meant that Westcon Group’s IT department was faced with the major challenge of maintaining system performance in the face of rapidly increasing data volumes.


  • Proactively address data growth
  • Shorten batch processing time
  • Optimize use of IT resources
  • Minimize data storage costs
  • Purge & archive customized applications & tables


“After we dropped/reloaded and re-indexed the tables, we saw a 54% increase in performance on some of the sales transactions. Overall Benchmarks for Europe came back similar to North America, over 45% performance improvement. An interesting example concerns one of the day jobs that runs every half hour and used to take 25 minutes, now it takes 15 minutes, giving us substantial additional time to run other daily jobs.”

Ryan Dumas
IT Project Manager, Westcon Group

ARCTOOLS – The Perfect Fit

Westcon Group not only needed a robust and trustworthy purging and archiving solution, they also needed one that was flexible enough to deal with highly customized applications – Westcon Group’s order entry system is over 75% customized.

Westcon Group Case StudyARCTOOLS was chosen for its flexibility, reliability and because it offered a faster return on investment than other vendors. In just a matter of days, ARCTOOLS was installed and technically configured to meet the complex technical architecture required. No extra hardware was needed and the functional implementation was completed on schedule.

After successfully going into production with ARCTOOLS in North America, Westcon Group’s internal team was able to autonomously deploy the solution to their European platform. With ARCTOOLS, Westcon Group has quickly, easily, and cost-effectively surpassed its purging and archiving goals.

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