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Today, even in our personal lives, we are inundated by data. In business, this deluge of data is even more pronounced. We no longer speak about megabytes (106) and gigabytes (109), but rather of terabytes (1012), petabytes (1015) and even, in some cases, exabytes (1018). [An exabyte is equal to 1,000 petabytes or 1,000,000 terabytes].

It is not only the quantity of data generated and stored by companies that has exploded in recent years; the data growth rate has also accelerated. As copies and clones of data are produced for testing, development, training and security, the amount of data to be managed can quickly spiral out of control.¹

“Despite the fact that the cost of data storage has declined, keeping excess data still has significant cost implications. While there is an impact on capital expenditure with the need to invest in more storage, the real impact is in terms of operating costs.”

Data Growth, System Optimization & Operational Excellence
Arctools White Paper

Arctools Whitepaper on Data Growth, System Optimization & Operational ExcellenceIT storage and staffing budgets are not growing at the same pace, which means that CIOs and DBAs are increasingly under pressure to find a long-term solution to manage this growing data load. In this Whitepaper from ARCTOOLS: Data Growth, System Optimization & Operational Excellence, learn why optimizing application data should no longer be seen as “just” an IT “house-keeping” issue but rather is essential to achieving operational efficiency.
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