La Guilde des Lunetiers – Quick Implementation

la-guilde-des-lunetiersLa Guilde des Lunetiers (The French Opticians Guild) used ARCTOOLS to substantially reduce application data in an exceptionally short time-frame.

La Guilde des Lunetiers (The French Opticians Guild) is the leading supplier of ophthalmic glasses in France. Established over forty years ago, in recent years it has experienced annual average growth of 5%. La Guilde des Lunetiers has over 2,500 stores which operate under the brands “Krys”, “Lynx Optique” “Visions Plus” and “Vision Originale”. It also supplies glasses to 1,600 independent opticians.


  • Aggressively reduce application data levels in a very limited time frame
  • Minimize time spent on database maintenance and backups
  • Automate regular purging and archiving of application data
  • Ensure ease of access to archived data

While JD Edwards, and particularly the EnterpriseOne sales Order Configurator, brought measurable gains in efficiency to the firm’s make-to-order business, the ERP also brought its own challenges. After implementing JD Edwards, it soon became apparent that La Guilde des Lunetiers would need to find a way to manage application data growth.

Proactive Data Management

The IT team was in a continual race against the clock to complete basic maintenance and backups. We realized that if things continued as they were the IT team would be spending most of its time reacting to issues caused by the fast growing data load rather than working on strategic, high value added projects.”

Xavier Laurent
Manager IT Infrastructure & Architecture.


Optimal Data Levels

With ARCTOOLS, La Guilde des Lunetiers reduced the production database by 55%, from over a terabyte in size to an optimal 450 gigabyte. This reduction in data levels was achieved with minimal disruption to end-users and led to immediate measurable gains in productivity for the IT department.

Laurent continues,”…Keeping data at optimal levels saves the company money. While purging and archiving clearly reduces data storage costs, it’s not really about that. The real benefits are the gains in productivity for end-users and for the IT department.”

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