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George P. JohnsonMany companies only start looking at purging and archiving ERP data when levels are already critical and disrupting key business processes, however, tackling a purge and archive project in fire-fighting mode is not the most efficient way of doing things. What’s more, incorporating purging and archiving into your ERP Management plan generates real benefits for both the IT department and the business as a whole.

JD Edwards History

George P. Johnson started using JD Edwards EnterpriseOne release XE in 2001. In line with their strategy to continuously innovate, they kept up-to-date with the various product evolutions, upgrading to release 8.10 in 2006 and to release 9.0 in November 2009.

Why they decided to purge and archive your data ARCTOOLS?

They had been contemplating an archiving initiative for several years due to the volume of data they had accumulated. Performance of their production system had begun slowing down as queries were taking place over eight years worth of data.

A major advantage that ARCTOOLS had over the competition was that the consulting work could be completed remotely, this seriously helped our roi as costs were kept to a minimum. Finally, before purchasing the product we did a “Proof of Concept.” this helped us to prove to our board of directors and to our end users that the purging and archiving project would deliver clear and measurable value.

Arctools makes purging and archiving ERP data easy…Every year we plan to archive an additional year’s worth of data. The benefits can be seen not just during the upgrade process, but also on a daily basis by end users and the IT department – with less data in the production environment, end-user queries run more efficiently and database maintenance is simplified.”

Brian Bartkowiak
Vice President, IT Worldwide at George P. Johnson


Learn how purging and archving ERP data with ARCTOOLS helped George P. Johnson deliver real business benefits. Read the full interview in Quest Q&A magagzine with Brian A. Bartkowiak, Vice President, Information Technology Worldwide at George P. Johnson.

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