Purging & Archving ERP Data Deliver Real Benefits

George P. JohnsonGeorge P. Johnson (GPJ) is one of the foremost event and experience marketing agencies in the world. Learn how purging and archving ERP data with ARCTOOLS helped George P. Johnson deliver real business benefits.

With 26 offices and more than 1,000 employees worldwide, George P. Johnson plans, creates, activates and measures nearly 5,000 events annually, ranging from award-winning entertainment sponsorships to trade shows, conferences, mobile marketing and more. GPJ’s customers include category leaders such as IBM, Cisco Systems and Toyota.

GPJ has been using JD Edwards for ten years.

“We like the flexibility which ARCTOOLS provides in allowing us to easily create our own archive and purge functions for the custom tables and applications which we have built within JD Edwards”

Brian A. Bartkowiak
Vice President, Information Technology Worldwide, George P. Johnson

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