Transmed Improves Operational Efficiency

TransmedEarlier this year, ARCTOOLS had the opportunity to help deliver an upgrade from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne E811 SP1 to version E9.0 for Transmed S.A.L Lebanon., who also upgraded their hardware and database platforms at the same time. ARCTOOLS was able to draw on its expertise in archiving JD Edwards data to help make the process as painless as possible.

About Transmed

Founded in Lebanon in 1946, Transmed S.A.L Lebanon sells and distributes consumer goods, including major brands from Procter & Gamble, Mars, and Clorox. The company has expanded to include operations in the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Jordan, and several African countries. Each subsidiary acts as its own entity, with its own separate IT infrastructure.

Transmed S.A.L Lebanon was using a SQL database in its head office in Lebanon. As the company expanded, the database became unreliable and cumbersome.

The project was divided into the following milestones:

  • Platform porting from Windows to Unix
  • Database conversion from SQLServer to Oracle
  • Implementation of ArcTools purge and archive solution
  • Upgrade from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne release 8.11 to E9.0
  • Implementation of Oracle Red Stack
  • Retrofitting of old Customizations and GoLive


A Faster and Easier Upgrade with ArcTools

ARCTOOLS and Transmed worked together to reduce the quantity of data to be converted, which in turn shortened and stabilized the upgrade.

Arctools helped us achieve a smooth and efficient upgrade with minimum disruption. This is a fully integrated archive/purge tool. The ArcTools methodology delivers an excellent return on investment.”

Said Arnous
CFO of Transmed S.A.L.

Transmed Case Study

Reducing Database Size

Transmed was then able to archive more than 30 percent of its production database. Transmed now has in place regular data purging and archiving procedures, keeping data at an optimal level. This has led to a significant decrease in the load on the hardware, CPU utilization and ultimately RAM consumption.

Learn how Transmed SAL used ARCTOOLS to improve ERP performance by purging and archiving more than 30% of production data.

Download the full case study here »

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