Resolving JD Edwards Data Management Challenges

In the latest edition of Quest Q&A Magazine, read how JD Edwards clients have used ARCTOOLS to help them improve their upgrades process.

Efficient data management ensures that data is stored in the most cost-effective and appropriate format. Moving non business critical data out of the production database to lower cost storage improves ERP performance, leading to faster response-times for your end-users, and less problems with back-ups and maintenance for your IT team.

“ARCTOOLS is an extremely flexible and easy to use tool. A purge and archive project using ARCTOOLS does not demand a big time commitment from your IT team and causes minimum disruption to end-users, as purging and archiving can take place even while end-users are still on the system.”

Quest Q&A Magazine
Issue 1, 2011


Resolving JD Edwards Data Management ChallengesARCTOOLS has become the market-leading ERP data management tool for Oracle JD Edwards because it is easy to use and it delivers results quickly. To date, over 300 Oracle JD Edwards clients have already chosen ARCTOOLS to help purge and archive their ERP data.
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